Privacy and Cookie Policy ("Policy”)

Version: July 2020 


1. Introduction

The company that is offering the services on is Saunders Group LLC  with its registered address 1321 Upland Drive, Suite 7571, Houston, TX, under business filing number: 3008756. Idioma Tutors ("We”, "Us” or "Our”) collects personal information and non-personal data from the visitors on our website and users of our services ("you”, "your(s)”). 

We at Idioma Tutors believe privacy is important. We shall never sell your data and personal information. We carry out all data processing operations in strict compliance with the highest standards of (international) privacy and data protection laws, such as the EU General Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR”), 

 and specific privacy provisions embodied in the Texas Commercial Code and any other law or regulation that may apply. 

Important provisions in the Texas Commercial Code regarding privacy are about identity theft enforcement and protection (§§ 521.001 – 521.002) unauthorized use or possession of personal identifying information (§ 521.051) notification required following breach of security of computerized data (§ 521.053).

For questions regarding this Privacy and Cookie Policy and the way we protect your information and personal data, you may always e-mail us at:


2. Types of personal data we collect

There are different types of (personal) information we collect. 

  • First and last name;

  • Date of birth;

  • E-mail address(es);

  • Physical address;

  • Photo or government ID and/or Passport;

  • Bank account information;

  • Phone number;

  • IP addresses;

  • Country and city of residence;

  • Location data.

  • Business registration number (if applicable);

  • VAT-number.

In order to provide our services to you, we may in our sole discretion collect other type(s) of personal information, and use it to create from both website visitors and users of our service user profiles, whether or not using automated tools. The reason we do this is to evaluate your preferences, choices and behavior. This practice is fully compliant with our legal duties, namely the legitimate purpose of collecting, storing and processing (personal) data. You, as a user of our services or visitor on our website, shall always have the right to object to such practices and may exercise your right to opt-out. 

We do not collect any sensitive personal data about you (for example about your ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, political opinions, health information, and biometric data). 

Sharing your information with us happens without any restrictions unless imposed by the applicable laws and regulations. All personal data we ask is obligatory in order to use our services. Other information may not be mandatory to give, and you are free to choose to give it to us as it has no consequences for providing our services. However, your failure to give obligatory information means that we cannot provide our services fully to you. 

If you are not certain as to which type of (personal) data is mandatory to give you may contact us at

We may also use tracking tools, such as cookies and other available technologies. Please read the respective section about cookies. We will also share your (personal) data with third-party services providers. You acknowledge and agree that you are aware of those third-party processors that are mentioned in these Policies.


3. Way of collecting (personal) data

We use different methods to collect and process data, including but not limited to:


3.1. Direct interactions

You may provide your personal data by using our contact form or live chat function, filling in online forms or corresponding with us by post, phone, email or any other form of communication. Examples are:

  • Using our services;

  • Creating an account on our website;

  • Subscribing to our service(s);

  • Providing feedback.

 We may send you essential emails that are necessary for providing our services. 

For any other communications, including the offering of products and services related to the activities of Idioma Tutors, you may unsubscribe by clicking the "unsubscribe” link on the bottom of that email.


3.2. Automated technologies

While visiting our website and using our services, automated methods may collect data about your equipment and browsing activities. For example, Google Analytics makes use of such technologies.


3.3. Third parties

We may receive personal information about you from third parties such as payment providers and other companies. If you need more information about this data collection method, please contact us. 


3.4. Our duties

We will take all reasonable security measures to avoid disclosure of and unauthorized access to your personal information. We follow industry-standard and organizational procedures to protect your data.


3.5. Authorized persons

Your (personal) data may be accessed by authorized persons working for us, including authorized third parties appointed by us, such as contractors, agents, and affiliates. These third parties may qualify as a processor under the applicable law. In that case, we mention them in these Policies, referring to their respective privacy policies. Please read them to be aware of your privacy rights in relation to those processors.


4. Legal basis

The legal basis to process your personal data may be based on your permission, meaning you have given us your full consent. We may keep processing your personal data until you notify us that you are objecting to such processing. Please read the following legal grounds that may apply:

  • The processing of data is necessary for the performance of a contract with you or to fulfill a pre-contractual duty;

  • The processing of your data is necessary for our legitimate interest and your fundamental rights and/or interests do not override our legitimate interest;

  • The processing of data is necessary to comply with a legal duty to which we are subjected;

  • The processing of data is necessary for reasons of public interest and/or safety.

5. Place of processing 

The data may be processed at our offices, or at any other place where we may be located. We also do transfer personal data to other jurisdictions other than your place of residency. However, we always make sure that there are adequate data protection mechanisms in place before transporting the data.


6. Data retention

Your personal data will be stored for as long as the legitimate purpose requires it. Personal data used for a legitimate interest shall be retained as long it is necessary. You may always contact us to ask us how long we retain your data. Under certain conditions, we may store your personal data longer, as long as you have not withdrawn your consent. After the retention period, your personal data will be erased permanently by us. As a result, your right to access, delete, correct, and transfer your data cannot be exercised by you. 


7. Your legal rights

Under some privacy laws and regulations, you may exercise certain rights regarding your (personal) data. You have the following rights:          

  • Withdraw your consent at any time if the processing is based on your consent;

  • The right to object to the processing of your data if this is done on a legal basis other than consent;

  • The right to access and obtain information about the processing of your data and receive a copy of the data that has been processed;

  • The right of rectification, meaning the right to verify the accuracy of your data and request an update or correction;

  • The right to have your data permanently deleted;

  • The right to have your data transferred to another controller or processor without any obstacles;

  • File a complaint or claim before your national data protection;

If you want to exercise one of the rights mentioned, please email us at


8. Third-party processors

We may share data and personal information with third-party processors. Their services allow them to access your data. Sometimes, the services may require your authorization. Please read their respective privacy policies to learn about your legal rights. 

Processor, Company and Country


Privacy Policy URL

Stripe, INC. (USA)

 Payment processing

Paypal INC. (USA)

Payment processing

Payoneer, INC. (USA)

Payment processing

Google Analytics, Google, LLC (USA)

Visitor and user statistics and analytics

Spiralytics, INC . (Philippines) 

Internet marketing analytics

ActiveCampaign, INC. (USA)

Marketing automation tool

Facebook, INC. (USA)

Social networking website

Twitter, INC. (USA)

Social media website

Pinterest, INC. (USA)

Image sharing website

Instagram, LLC (USA)

Photo and video sharing social media website

Linkedin, INC. (USA)

Business and employment website


9. Amendments to this Policy

We may amend this Policy at any time, and we shall always make a reasonable effort to inform such changes in our new Policy, including your legal rights. However, we recommend you to read this page regularly and check the date on top referring to the most recent version of this Policy. In the event changes in this Policy or the applicable law directly affect our processing activities performed based on your permission, we shall collect consent again from you provided the applicable law requires it.


10. Cookies 

Our website uses cookies, which are small files that are placed on your device to improve your experience. The use of cookies is common practice with almost all websites. If you prevent cookies from being stored on your computer, this may affect the functionality of and experience on our website. 


11. Third Party Cookies

Please note that third parties (for example, Google Analytics and advertisers and providers of external web services) may also use cookies over which we have no control. These cookies are likely to be analytical cookies or targeting cookies


12. Our cookies

We recommended you keep all cookies settings unchanged. You may disable cookies by changing your browser settings. If you do so, it will affect the functionality of our website and other sites you visit. If you create an account with us, then we will use cookies for the management of the signup process and login credentials. These cookies will usually be erased  when you log out.